National Alliance on Mental Illness of Minnesota

National Alliance on Mental Illness of Minnesota

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Through education, support and advocacy, NAMI Minnesota pursues its goals to eliminate the pervasive stigma of mental illness, effect positive changes in the mental health system, and increase the public and professional understanding of mental illness. NAMI Minnesota engages in the following strategies to accomplish its mission and goals: • Ensure that people throughout the state of Minnesota have the opportunity to learn about mental illness and have support on their journey. • Engage elected officials and policy makers to create a mental health system where children and adults receive treatment that works, when and where they need it. • Reduce the stigma of mental illness and advocate for children and adults with mental illness and their families. NAMI workshops and trainings help families and professionals address issues of mental illness and promote recovery. Nine different family-focused classes are taught regularly throughout the state by family members who receive staff training and support. Last year, NAMI Minnesota reached over 2000 family members through 200 classes. Special outreach projects serving the African American and Latino communities, veterans returning from combat deployments, and families of children in order to further educate and empower people living with mental illness and their families. Additionally, NAMI provides training for education staff, corrections staff, clergy and church members, senior care providers, emergency room and primary care physicians, and the public at large to help them identify and respond appropriately to individuals living with mental illness. Last year, NAMI reached over 1,900 professionals and community members through 35 classes. Support groups for people with mental illnesses and their families break isolation, reduce stigma, and provide invaluable support and understanding from others who have “been there.” A wide array of NAMI groups for people living with mental illness plus specialized groups for parents, siblings, and veterans provide opportunities to learn and practice coping skills and to give and receive emotional support. All support groups are peer-to-peer and led by individuals living successfully with mental illness or by family members, all of whom receive training and ongoing support. Over 45 groups met regularly throughout the state last year. NAMI Minnesota also has a toll-free telephone helpline (1-888-NAMI-HELPS) and offers an extensive list of free and low-cost information. Last year, NAMI’s staff and volunteers responded to over 4,000 telephone calls and e-mails requesting information and help. Advocacy to reduce stigma and adopt effective public policy directly impacts quality of life for people with mental illness. NAMI is the leading voice in systems-change efforts statewide, participating in over twenty task forces driving policy in key areas including criminal justice response, crisis response, and family-driven care. A strong volunteer legislative committee advocates for the needs of people with mental illnesses to the state legislature and to Congress. In addition, NAMI Minnesota works to reduce stigma through public relations efforts. NAMI Minnesota has contributed to over 1,200 articles in over 200 publications and has produced several documentaries for public television. On a more personal level, an active group of volunteer speakers share their personal stories about living with mental illness with community groups through NAMI’s In Our Own Voice program—over 22 presentations with 300 attendees last year. The Silver Ribbon student-led high school campaign works to increase student awareness of mental illnesses. NAMI has recieved several awards recognizing its leadership and effectiveness.
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Improve the lives of children and adults with mental illnesses and their families.

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